New Hazard Rule for OLMGC Tournaments


The golf course staff and the men's club committee have voted to adopt No Play zones for our dry or partially dry lakes and red staked hazards in all future tournaments and other competitive rounds such as team play.

USGA Rule 17,1e - No Play Zone: A part of the course where the Committee has prohibited play.  A "no play zone" must be defined as part of either an "abnormal course condition" or a penalty area.

Hole #1,7,8,9,11,12,13,16,and 18 all have red staked penalty areas - the dry or partially dry lakes

A player's ball entering the "no play zone" in all of these penalty areas would follow Rule 17.1d "Relief for Ball in Red Penalty Area" with a one stroke penalty.
    - Stroke and distance
    - Point of entry within 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole
    - Back of line relief between point of entry and the hole

Players must agree on the point of entry, take relief and play their third shot before looking (3 minutes max) for the ball in the "no play zone"

What this means:  Going forward for our home tournaments at Olivas Links, we are not allowed to enter these penalty areas for the purpose of playing our next shot.  Any Ball touching or inside the rED markers or paint may not be played.  We will need to see all of these penalty areas as lakes completely full to the brim.

Why make this change?

Pace of play in our tournaments will improve

We have seen issues with our indexes being competitive with other clubs.  With this change, our indexes may rise a stroke on the lower end and possibly two strokes for our higher indexed players.  This ultimately makes us more competitive.

The no play zones put us closer to the original intention of the course designers and the ratings the course has been assigned.

your OLMGC Board of Directors